Vehicle lifts for your Workshop.

The Krömer Shop offers a rich variety of lifting platforms. Here in the shop you will find mid-rise vehicle lifts for painting, double lifting platforms for wheel alignment, automatic column lifts, barrier-free 2-post lifts and many other high-quality vehicle lifts. Our lifts can be used not only for commercial purposes but also for hobby. So you will definitely find a suitable lifting platform at Krömer.



What type of vehicle lift are you looking for?

GRoughly speaking, car lifts can be divided into 3 product categories: depending on the model, car lifts are either electromagnetically or hydraulically ascended or descended. The lifting platforms can be installed above or below the ground. The inground lifts are accessible from all sides without hindrance and ensure high stability. For the installation, the concrete foundation plan of the lift should be read thoroughly,it can be found in the download area of the respective article. 4-post lifts are divided into parking lifts and acceptance platforms. Such platforms are particularly suitable for wheel alignment.

Scissor Lift

    Scissor lift allows you to save more space in your garage.

  • Paint platform
  • For private use and workshop
  • Brake, oil and tire service

Column lift

    Is very versatile, due to large variety of lifts.

  • 1-post, 2-post, 4-post lift
  • Mobile and flexible to use
  • Freedom of work, free access to the vehicle floor

Mobile lifting platform

    The mobile scissor lifts are simpler to use and more flexible in the usage.Can be used both by pros as well as by hobbyists.

  • small space requirement
  • mobile
  • different lifting heights

Ponti sollevatori 2-colonne

Vehicle Lift

1 Post Lift

ponte a due colonne

2 Post Lift

ponte sollevatore 4 colonne

Vehicle Lift

4 Post

What kind of lift do I need?

The scissor lift is very suitable for work under the vehicle and for wheel alignment. At Krömer we offer mobile mid-rise scissor lifts, double scissor lifts and acceptance platforms.

Painting, bodywork and tire work can be carried out excellently with a column lift.

The 1-post lifts are usually space-saving and are therefore perfect for smaller halls and garages. Tires can be accessed freely with the 1-post lift. Bodywork, painting and tire service operations can also be carried out in this way. However, the 1-post lift is massive and has a complicated construction, thus making the work under the car more difficult.

The 2-post lift is the most common lift and therefore can be found in many workshops and garages. At Krömer, this vehicle lift is particularly suitable for maintenance work, underbody work, front and rear work, tire changes, engine and engine compartment work.

The Krömer 4-post lift offers you a wide range of applications. The vehicle lift can be used in maintenance, repair, wheel alignment and testing techniques. In addition, you have the option of parking vehicles on the platform and under the platform. When buying a lift, pay attention to the maximum lifting height, as not every car lift may be suitable for your garage or workshop.

What workshop equipment am I looking for?

In order to make work in the workshop even easier, Krömer offers various equipment. This makes work such as changing tires or wheel alignment easier and better.In addition, with the right equipment, tools can be put away or stored neatly and safely.

Advantages of workshop equipment

  • Order in the workshop
  • Fast analysis
  • Ease of work

What advantages do I get from Krömer lifts?

Customer service

If you have any questions about our Krömer lifting platforms, you can reach the Krömer team by phone, email or even WhatsApp. Write or call!

Installation videos

As an addition to our short instructions, detailed installation videos are also done for the Krömer lifting platforms. These will be available online so that every customer and interested party can get an insight into how to assemble a Krömer lift.

Manuals in downloads

Many technical questions and problems already arise during the installation of a lifting platform. With the intensive cooperation of our internal technicians and graphic designers, we have mastered the new design of the short instructions.

APR tests for the lifts